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Below are answers to questions that we commonly get asked. If you can't find the answer to your question here then you can contact us and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions






    Why does my image stop working after 1 hour?

    The URL on our result page links to a temporary image that is automatically deleted from our server 1 hour after the image was created. You must download the image to your Web server and link to it there (or you can save the image on your computer).

    Removing the watermark on some images

    Some images will get a noticable watermark when they use premium features. To remove the watermark, sign up for premium.

    How do I download an image once I make it?

    Type in your text, click "Create Logo", then click the "Download" button.

    How do I put the image on my web page?

    We get a lot of questions about this, and we don't really answer them. This is because there are *so* many different ways, and it's different for everybody. The best solution is to download the image to your computer, and then do what you normally do to copy an image to your web site. If you don't know how to do this, consult the documentation from your ISP, and/or the program that you are using to create your webpage.

    Where is my activation/verify code?

    The verification email might have been moved to junk folder incorrectly by your email provider. If so, please unmark it as junk/spam to help the email provider classify emails from us correctly.

    Sometimes your email host or domain may have a policy that blocks our emails to you. This is usually the case with email domains that are associated with educational institutions. If so, you may want to try signing up for FlamingText using an email with a different domain.

    If you still can't find your activation code, contact us and we'll help you out.

    How do I change what the logo says or its size?

    You can change the font size of all our images by simply entering the required size in the "Font Size" box when you create the image. As for the text Color, most of the styles allow you to change this. Look for "Text Color" on the form that generates the image. If you see this option, then you can click on the color to change it. If you do not see this option, then it is not possible to change it.

    How do I increase the dpi/resolution of my image for printing?

    Increase the size of the image generated from (try increasing the font size).
    Ideally you should make your image at least four times as large on FlamingText as the size you want it in print.

    If this doesn't work for you, we offer a service of turning logo images in a vector format, which is ideal for print. Not all of the logos on FlamingText can be turned into vectors however. Contact us for more info. (Cost: ~$50 per logo)

    How do I use the fonts on my PC in Microsoft Word and other applications?
    How can I download my favorite font from

    Most of the fonts have a link to the original font creator. If there is no link, then it is a Unix font and will not work under Microsoft Windows. If you are dead keen on a font try the Resources section and the font links, or use to search for it.

    See the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article for instructions on Adding New Fonts in Microsoft Windows.

    I found a cool font on the Internet. Can you please add it?

    Short answer: No. Long answer: If you are the font owner and you email us permission to use the font then we will add your fonts (with links back to your site). If you are not the font owner, then you could ask (nicely) the font owner if they would consider letting us use their fonts (direct them to How do I find the font owner? Read our help section on how to find original font owner.

    But the font is free to use, can you please add it?

    Sorry, but we must have written permission from the owner of the font to use it. It's the policy we force upon ourselves.

    Can I use these fonts on my website?

    If you would like to use the fonts (not the styles!) for regular text on your web pages, you can use Microsoft's Web Embedded Font Tool (WEFT) to create a font object that you can embed in your web pages and then reference to display your text in that font.

    Your fonts don't work in my language, why not?

    We would love to say that FlamingText works in all languages, but it does not. We have added a European section that describes the fonts that support the "standard set" of character extensions. We hope in the future to be able to support a much wider set of languages, but that is not currently possible.

    How can I check if you have my favorite font?

    Go to our Font section and use the search in the top right corner of the page. If that doesn't work then start using search engines. For example: Google. Usually, I type in the name of the font and "font".

    Where can I find the creator/owner of one of your fonts?

    For most of our fonts, we have a link to the author (in the Fonts section). However if there is some other font you would like us to add, you will need to find the original font site (no, not just a site that contains it, the *original* one).

    If I can't find the original font site, I will pick a couple of font sites and download the zip file and open the .ttf file. This contains the name of the font and usually some other owner information. I use this information to search again for the original font owner. I have looked for many fonts in my time and always been able to find the original font owner, so you can too. Please do not ask me to find it for you.

    What are FontBats and DingBats?

    We define a DingBat as a font that contains pictures, and a FontBat as a font that contains pictures around the glyphs (letters).

    My name isn't in your "Names" section. Can you add it?

    Look in the ClipArt-Names section, if you don't find your name, you can email me, but better still, you can create it yourself. Go to Start and find the style that you like and follow the directions.

    Can you add my nickname to your "Names" section?

    The ClipArt-Names section is for real first names. If you want other text, you can easily create it yourself. Goto Start and find the style that you like and follow the directions.

    You have my name, but I want different colors/size/font/style...

    We are all about flexibility! The "Names" section contains ready-made images of names in a few styles/colors. If you don't see what you want then goto Start, find the style that you like and follow the directions from there to customize the font, colors, etc. to get a perfect logo of your name.

    How do I email an image I made to myself or a friend?

    Easy! Create the image, and then click on the email link.

    How do I use an image I made for my email signature?

    Well usually this is very tricky. But we have tried to make it as simple as possible. And now that we have done the leg work, I am sure you will see this feature pop up on other sites. For Yahoo, Hotmail, and Outlook first create the logo that you want to put into your signature. Then click on the link that is on that results page. Follow the step by step instructions.

    For all email clients the basic idea is that you set up a HTML signature. And inside that signature you put: <img src=> There are so many emailers out there, we can't provide instructions for them all. Below are some hints for the most common email clients.

    • Outlook Express
      • To save the file, make sure you right-click on the "this file" link and then select "Save target as..." from the browser's pop-up menu to save the small signature.htm file this link points to. If you get an error about the signature being too large or not being a text file then you have saved the image and not the HTML.
      • If you have more than one Outlook Express account (i.e. for different members of your family), you have to select which account to use the
      • signature with. After you click the Set as Default button you need to click the Advanced button and check the box for the account to use the signature with before it will work. (Thanks for this tip Melanie!)
      • In some cases, you may need to restart Outlook Express before your new signature will be used (Outlook Express bug).
    • Outlook
      • Make sure that you are not using Microsoft word as your editor.
      • To save the file, make sure you right-click on the "this file" link and then select "Save target as..." from the browser's pop-up menu to save the small signature.htm file this link points to. If you get an error about the signature being too large or not being a text file then you have saved the image and not the HTML.
      • If your signature stops working, check Tools -> Options -> Mail Format (Tab) and then look at "Use this Signature by default:".
    • Hotmail
    • Yahoo
      • here you need to make sure that when you send messages, the Use my signature is checked. If you are not using IE, then you will need "Allow HTML tags" to be checked.
      • If you just get: "Image by", see the line above.
      • I added a Graphical Help for step-by-step instructions.
      • Not free anymore. Definately the nicest system for HTML signatures. Make sure that you select the correct signature name at the bottom, that you would like to send. When you create the signature, make you that you select Send as HTML
    • AOL
      • Currently (AOL 6.0), it is not possible to include an image in your signature. You can insert pictures into your email, but that's about it. I think what you do is save the image to your desktop, then drag the image into your email. It's a pain, since you need to do it each time.

    How do I delete my signature?(Back to Top)

    You can do it from you mail options(The steps to access relevant section in the options might be slightly different for different email providers). If you cannot find it, create a new logo and follow the step-by-step instructions for adding a logo to your signature. They will guide you to the correct page. All you need to do then is delete the logo from signature box and save.

    Why does my saved image have the default Microsoft Windows icon and not the usual icon for images?

    When I try to open my saved image Windows says it can't find a program to open it. What is wrong?

    If your saved image has the default Windows icon or Windows keeps prompting you for the application to use to open the image when you double-click on it then you forgot to add the image extension to your filename when you saved it. All of our images should have either a .gif or .jpg filename extension. Make sure you add the same extension that was on our original image filename to your filename when you save your image. It is not enough for it to show "Save as type: GIF (*.gif)" or "Save as type: JPEG (*.jpg)". You must still enter the extension eg coollogo.gif or coollogo.jpg .

    How can I get my image with a transparent background?

    Why is my transparent background showing up as black?

    If the logo supports transparency, it will be an option in the Background tab when you make your logo.
    For transparency to work, the image format has to be PNG. Image format can be changed in the Image tab.

    How can I thank you?

    The best way is to simply link us!. You may also like to tell your friends about us, write to magazines, or even publish information about this site in books, magazines, and e-zines. Every little bit helps.